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It was the fruit of the cooperation between Classic Pens, Sheaffer and Murelli. The series was launched in and remembers the American Civil War The American Civil War was the most shattering trauma to have been experienced by the United States in its entire history. Its poignancy and its tragedy lay in the ferocity with which families were torn apart, friends and relatives pitted against each other, old allegiances and loving attachments to the land uprooted. The end of the struggle heralded a national rebirth and resurrection — a new direction for the United States as a whole, which was to transform the nation beyond all recognition. He sought a new filling system for fountain pens that would be simple, clean and an improvement on other filling methods of that period. Sheaffer is known for many innovations, including filling systems such as the Touchdown and Snorkel, the inlaid nib introduced with the PFM in and the White Dot. The PFM was the first Sheaffer fountain pen to feature the now famous inlaid nib. It employed the exclusive Snorkel filling system which, like the Touchdown system allowed for clean filling without dismantling the pen. Introduced in , the Legacy fountain pen is distinguished by the wide — bodied barrel which tapers elegantly to a chiseled end.

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We will add photos as we process new pens. We are including representative models, we aren’t trying to capture all the colors or trim variations. We only want to use our own photos, so please don’t send photos. We appreciate the thought, but we honestly don’t have the bandwidth to handle submissions. Do let us know if you see a glaring error, though.

A nib is the part of a quill, dip pen, fountain pen, or stylus which comes into contact with the writing surface in order to deposit ink. Different types of nibs vary in their purpose, shape and size, as well as the material from which they are made.

This website has examples of many of the different Esterbrook models as well as information on the Esterbrook company, pens for sale, and repair resources. Consider this site a work in progress, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check back at a later date and I may have put it up. I have been collecting pens since and currently own and operate Anderson Pens with my wife Lisa in Appleton, WI where we have a physical storefront with all sorts of pens, paper, and ink.

I currently moderate the Esterbrook forum on the Fountain Pen Network and can be found there from time to time. Should you have questions or comments on anything you see here, please don’t hesitate to email me. If you have any Esterbrook or other pens you’d like to sell, please send me an email as I am always looking for interesting and unusual models.

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However, this version is designed for W3C, accessibility compliance. Some pens employ removable reservoirs in the form of pre-filled ink cartridges. While no physical item survives, several working models were reconstructed in by artist Amerigo Bombara that have since been put on display in museums dedicated to Leonardo.

Ink was squeezed through a small hole to the writing point.

The purpose of the PENguin is to offer first rate, fully restored fountain pens, fountain pen information and useful resources.

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Parker manufactured fine writing instruments — Sheaffer just produced pens that, on the whole, I appreciate more, and appear on the English market less often. So a couple of months ago, I stopped in at a local vintage clothing shop and scanned their counter full of antique odds and ends, and saw there a handsome Parker 61 with the Rainbow Gold cap. I usually prefer to buy pens from non-specialists only if the price is low enough that I can rationalise the risk; one can never be quite sure what has happened inside a pen over long years.

This was not the capillary-filler style of Parker 61, but the later squeeze filler. The nib looks fine, and the trademark inset arrow of the Parker 61 is still there I have a Parker 61 Flighter whose arrow has, alas, fallen away. All in all, it makes a very handsome, highly functional addition to the Parker Wing of my collection.

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The style of the front section pairs well with a variety of barrel finishes. The offing that Sheaffer had ranged from solids to patterned metal as I had purchased. The barrel is fluted gold and I find it makes the pen look slimmer than it actually is. The proportions of trim on the cap and the clutch ring on the section complement each other nicely when posted.

The composition of the section inlay, trim, and barrel finish make for a great looking pen. It’s component parts show signs of quality craftsmanship, however it wasn’t long before I noticed signs of wear just above the clutch ring on the section. It was a result of a sharp edge inside the cap, easily smoothed but the section wore quick and the damage was done. It also appears as though the end cap on the barrel is not in place because it’s deeper than the cap end is.

Looks almost like it was pushed in slightly. It may sound odd but it seems like the pen is the appropriate weight you expect it to be before picking it up. The gold body gives the impression of heft and it delivers. The design of the section allow grip flexibility which I like for long writing sessions or drawing. The 14k nib has a little spring to it and the medium size was a tad thinner than I expected from Sheaffer.

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German investor documented a pen design made from quills in , probably the earliest documented record of quill pen. In early 19th century, the improved slip-in nib with the invention of new machine in Birmingham, England leads to mass manufacture robust steel pen nibs. By the s, more than half the steel-nib pens manufactured in the wordl were made in Birmingham. The pens were sold worldwide, encouraging the development of education and literacy.

The Fabulous “51”: When it introduced the “51” in , the George S. Parker Company knew it had a winner. The pen was stylish but not flashy, durable but not clunky, and reliable but not overengineered. Over the next 31 years, the pen proved itself immensely popular.

History[ edit ] In , Walter A. Sheaffer took his idea of a pen-filling apparatus that utilized a lever system and, with his life savings, founded the W. The company was established in the backroom of Mr. Sheaffer’s jewelry store with seven employees, and was incorporated a year later, in By the s, Sheaffer fountain pens were being advertised as the pen that “fills instantly from any ink-well, with one touch of a finger. Cleans automatically when filling.

The original lever-filler mechanism remained in use through the end of the s, though a sacless plunger design was introduced in the early s. In Sheaffer adopted the “Touchdown” pneumatic-filling mechanism for its top-line fountain pens. A development of the Touchdown design was the Snorkel, which added a small extendable tube underneath the nib to avoid the need to dip the nib into ink when operating the filler plunger.

All Sheaffer pens after excluding the PFM were designed to accept either ink cartridges or a converter to allow the use of bottled ink.

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Waterman , the fountain pen war of , and an already distant family is torn even further apart. The front page of a 2-sided ad in Am. Some of this may be common knowledge to pen historians and collectors, but some of it is new to me. It was already known that A.

a.m. – Exhibition of Antiquarian Maps of Ireland We hold Ireland’s largest stocks of Antiquarian Maps and over maps of Ireland dating from to will be on display.

The Sheaffer Intrigue and the Guggenheim Bilbao: Eerie Parallels by John Lately, I’ve been so in the throes of my pen obsession that I’ve taken to coveting them. I’ll pore over the Fountain Pen Hospital catalog the just arrived and read the ad copy as carefully as a rabbi might read the Torah. In fact, I find myself believing the ad copy at times. My endless fascination with the Intrigue was one of those times. Hear the siren song: Somehow, I had my heart set on the whale shark pattern of the Intrigue and, as it was the holiday season, I made sure to publicize this fact to my wife and any other family members who I thought might be co-opted into feeding my habit.

I even helpfully included a handy Ashford coupon code to ensure maximal affordability of my once in a lifetime design icon. Well, Christmas arrived and I guess I was good this year since Santa brought me my one true heart’s desire in a medium nib. As I was at a family party at the time I got it, it wouldn’t do to get out a bunch of ink and load it up immediately, so instead I stared at the pen longingly and noticed its design and craftsmanship.

The Intrigue has, to my knowledge, a unique filing system. The converter is insert into a drawer in the barrel of the pen. Screwing in the barrel meshes the teeth of the converter with teeth that are installed in the blind cap.