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Create the next indie film hit with the help of these apps Apps For Making A Movie With the increased technological specs of the iPhone 4S and iPad 3, more people than ever are turning to their iDevices to capture timeless moments in their personal lives and beyond. Furthermore, the p HD resolution of the iPhone 4s and as of this writing, presumably the iPad 3 gives many aspiring film makers a viable option to help them realize their imaginative story ideas in a respectable format.

Add to that the many apps available to enhance your creativity and you suddenly have the tools necessary to make not only some stellar home movies, but potentially the next great independent film. If you are a filmmaker who has considered using your iDevice to film your next project, then you should consider using the following apps to help you on the road to Oscar glory.

dating sim iphone. If liquid damages an iphone or ipod for example, coffee or a soft drink, the service for the liquid dating sim iphone damage isn’t covered by the apple one-year limited and most ipod devices that were built dating sim iphone after have built-in liquid contact indicators that will show whether the device has been in contact with water or a liquid.

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By Neil Hughes Saturday, August 01, , AppleInsider offers a rundown of the best VR experiences available to download right now on the App Store. Before you get started Google Cardboard is compatible with Apple’s iPhone lineup, but is best used with the larger screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For the jumbo-sized iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll need to own a version 2 of Google Cardboard, which is not as widely available as the original model. It’s the most widely known brand based on Google Cardboard, and it has version 2 models available in stock with Prime shipping at Amazon.

For a slightly more affordable option, there’s the Virtual Reality Viewer V2 , also based on Google Cardboard version 2. Unlike I Am Cardboard, this comes with adhesive foam to make the unit more comfortable, as well as a head strap to hold the assembly on your head. It should be noted that Google Cardboard is not intended to be used with a head strap, because the combination of inadequate screen resolution for VR as well as lag can cause dizziness and nausea.

Google recommends that users use Cardboard by simply holding the unit up to their head with one hand. Google Cardboard version 2 models come with a dedicated button that taps the screen on your iPhone.

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How to Install Third Party Apps on an iPhone iPhone has become one of the most popular and widely used smartphone today. Its ease of use, quality and vastness has mesmerized people around the world. Apple has a very closed ecosystem and allows an iPhone user to install apps from the iTunes store only. Apple is very strict on not allowing iPhone users to install apps from any third-party developers.

Get rid of all fake iphone app application. Here comes the real fake iphone 4s app with real phone icons and applications. This app is a full-screen working replica of the iPhone 4 home screen.

Tuesday 4 October It’s iPhone launch time. It seems so long since we were last here. We know some details already: Then there’s the question of whether the crowd has managed to figure this out ahead of time — if you’re reading this before 6pm UK time, then our crowdsourcing experiment is still open and if you’re reading it later, it’s closed: We also know that:

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Tweet SAM is a jailbreak app for Cydia that allows you to unlock your iPhone so that you can activate and use a non-stock SIM card that is not supported by your existing carrier. This is good news for those who are new to unlocking. With the latest version of SAM version 0.

The iPhone and the iPad can house a fair number of apps across their multiple home screens. Given that you can create 11 pages of apps on the iPhone with each screen capable of displaying 16 apps, you can showcase individual apps in full iconic glory.

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By Mikey Campbell Tuesday, December 29, , Plaintiff Chaim Lerman asserts Apple engaged in deceptive trade practices and false advertisement by touting iOS 9 as compatible with legacy handsets dating back to iPhone 4s models. In actuality, the complaint reads, iOS 9 significantly interferes with iPhone 4s performance, and because Apple security protocols prevent users from downgrading, owners were forced to choose between an inoperable device or spending hundreds of dollars on a new version.

The class, which includes more than members, asserts iOS 9 bogged down their iPhone 4s devices to the point of being unfit for daily use. After upgrading, both first- and third-party apps exhibited delayed launch times, slow response to touchscreen input and other problems.

One of the best things from the iOS 7’s box of wonder includes the ability to tether a personal hotspot, i.e, letting other WiFi, Bluetooth friendly devices connect to the data network your iPhone is running on.

Possibly several newer models. And whenever you do that, you’re left with your old phone and a question: What should I do with it? That’s a good way to help defray the cost of the upgrade. However, that’s not the only option, and not necessarily even the best. Instead, consider repurposing that old iPhone. You might be surprised at some of the feats it can perform. Keep it as a backup phone It’s a hard truth: Phones get lost, stolen and broken every day.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be in pretty dire straits if something happened to my phone. The straits would be less dire, though, if I could just grab my previous-gen iPhone.

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