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Who is Andrea Bocelli? A disciple of Luciano Pavarotti and Zucchero Fornaciari, the blind,Tuscany-born, vocalist has emerged as one of the most excitingvoices in contemporary opera. His participation in Pavarotti’s hit, Miserere, and Fornaciar…i’s world tour brought himinternational attention. Opera, however, represents only one sideof his musical persona. Bocelli has been equally successful as apop ballad singer, having recorded duets with Celine Dion, SarahBrightman and Eros Ramazzotti. Al Jarreau, who sang with Bocelliduring The Night of Proms in November , praised Bocelli when hesaid, “I have had the honour to sing with the most beautiful voicein the world. Beginning piano lessons at the age of six, he lateradded flute and saxophone. Born with poor eyesight, he becametotally blind at the age of twelve following a soccer accident. Despite his obvious musical talents, Bocelli didn’t consider acareer in music until he had studied law at the University of Pisaand had earned a Doctor Of Law degree. Inspired to pursue music, hestudied with famed tenor Franco Gorelli, supporting himself bypeforming in piano bars.

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Modern Instruments Modern violins, violas, and cellos dating after around from Italy, France, Germany, and America and makers such as Parmeggiani, Frosali, Lowendall, Roth, and Messori. Modern bows are also available.

Words, English words anyway, fail. Which leads us to the romance languages: It’s different from the F but carries the same excitement from behind the wheel. None of us who have driven Ferrari’s new Modena have come away disappointed. All have found various ways of saying the new car still stirs the soul. And after a day at the test track and several more days on twisting mountain roads, we have the numbers to translate that feeling into empirical data.

That almost everything that makes up a is aluminum-from the space frame and sheetmetal to the shiny billet shifter lever-means a big difference in how the car feels on the road. It weighs pounds less than the F but actually gains torsional rigidity and bending resistance. And while it’s a foot longer than the car it replaces-providing actual luggage space-it still ranks as one of the best-handling cars in the world. So with fewer pounds, and more horsepower, the ought to go faster than the , right?


Possible Raphael found in storage near Modena Mario Scalini, state supervisor of fine arts for Modena and Reggio Emilia, was doing inventory of the tens of thousands of art pieces in storage in his area when he found a small portrait of a lady framed by a beautifully elaborate gilded 17th century frame in the vault of the ducal palace of the Este family in Sassuolo, outside of Modena.

He immediately noted the high quality of the painting. Also, why would a mere 12 by inch copy be put in such a large, sumptuous frame? He followed up on his hunch that this might be an actual Raphael by digging through the ducal archives for any reference to the portrait. There was no record of it being loaned or dispersed at any other time either, so it seems the Rafael was squirreled away somewhere and forgotten, maybe to be mistaken for a copy decades later.

The art official sent the 12 by 16 inch 30 centimeter by 40 centimeter work to a laboratory in Florence, where one of the experts who ran scientific tests on the painting, Anna Pelagotti, said infrared testing revealed three layers underneath, including a preparatory design.

Nearby the hotel there is the “Estense Library”, dating back to the seventeenth century, the Duomo and other interisting places to visit. Then there is the “Best Western Premier Hotel Milano Palace” located nearby the Modena railway station and from the Enzo Ferrari Birthplace Museum.

Caradoc of Llancarvan’s account, c. Caradoc’s sources have been the cause of much debate between Arthurian scholars, however, evidence indicates there was an oral tradition of the Abduction motif current in Europe prior to Caradoc. We find evidence of this tradition in an early 12th sculpture at a cathedral in Italy. Nestling in the Po Valley and just north of Bologna, is Modena with its famous cathedral, on which in a group of sculptors began work.

The north portal of Modena Cathedral, known as the Porta della Pescheria, features a seemingly related account, a high relief carving in the marble archivolt depicts a scene from the tale of the abduction of Arthur’s Queen. The Arthurian sculpture on the Modena archivolt is seen as evidence that an independent oral account of the tale of the Abduction of Guinevere was known in Europe prior to the writings of Caradoc of Llancarvan and Geoffrey of Monmouth.

At the apex of the archivolt is a stone castle surrounded by water. Within the castle are a woman, Winlogee and a man, Mardoc, who is holding her prisoner. To the right, three knights attack the castle. The other two are named Isdernus and Artus de Bretania Arthur. On the left-hand side of the castle are two knights in combat, one named Galvagin Gawain appears to be attacking Carrado who defends the castle. On the extreme right of the archivolt are two knights approach, named Galvariun and Che Kay who carry their lances over their shoulders and do not seem directly engaged in the action.

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Small, comfortable, located in the green countryside of Modena, a step the city. Family run, the hotel offers all the benefits of quiet, elegant surroundings combined with state-of-the-art comfort and access technologies. The hotel was created in through the renovation of an old mill, dating from the 17th Century. The hotel offers all the benefits of quiet, elegant surroundings combined with state-of-the-art comfort and access technologies.

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History[ edit ] The station was opened on 21 July , together with the rest of the Piacenza — Bologna section of the Milan—Bologna railway. The passenger building is not the original structure dating from when the station began operations. That building was demolished and rebuilt in The present passenger building is rectangular in shape and is made of brick. It is painted yellow, and consists of three parts. The central part is spread over three floors, with access provided through five arches on each side of the building.

On the first floor of this part, there are many rectangular mullioned windows decorated with a cornice. The two lateral parts of the building extend symmetrically from the central body.


Leave a comment It has been quite a silent month for Italian vintage lovers: From the 18th to the 20th from 10am to 8pm Modena will be the stage for one of the biggest Antiques Fairs in Italy; the 7. Novecento and third edition of Vintage Circus. You can learn how to move like Dita Von Teese with the Burlesque classes, or get a lot of information and deepen your curiosities about the History of Costume and Fashion further details on www.

CL. italy choose the site nearest you: bologna; florence / tuscany; genoa; milan; napoli / campania.

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Discovered in , it is taller than most other Venus Figurines it stands 22 centimetres in height , and is carved out of serpentine steatite. There is some disagreement about its age. On the basis of a stylistic comparison with other known venuses – in particular the steatite Venus of Polichinelle also known as the Grimaldi Venus , as well as the French Venus of Monpazier 25, BCE – archeologists date it to the Late period of Paleolithic art , but at least one scholar considers it to be a work of Neolithic art c.

For the chronology of Stone Age sculpture and other artworks, please see:

VIDEO New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle — Talon’s MangOH Red and SolidRun’s CuBox-i MangOH Red is an open-source project sponsored by Sierra Wireless. Sierra Wireless is primarily known for their cellular modem products in the IoT industry.

In the bishop of Catania authorized the Jews there to conduct litigation according to Jewish law. There were two distinct Jewish quarters, each with its synagogue, one by the hill of Montevergine the giudeca di susu and the other in a lower part of the town the giudeca di giusu. The Jews also had houses and shops outside these quarters, and they took an active part in the economic life of the city. A document from mentions a Jew as tax farmer of the dyers tax.

In the city officials of Catania gave permission to a Jew to plant olive trees and linen plants in the lower part of the town, and in city officials accepted the offer of a Jew to supply the town with candles for the lighting of three neighborhoods. A number of Jews in Catania practiced medicine, among them a woman, Viridimura, wife of Pasquale di Medico, who obtained in the license to practice medicine in all of Sicily.

The Jews formed a particularly industrious element and had to pay heavy taxes.

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The city is overlooked by a hill on top of which stands the Malaspina castle, which dominates the surrounding plain. Although the archeological studies of the area have confirmed that Massa was already inhabited in the Paleolithic and Neolithic times, like other Tuscan towns, it is believed that the it has Roman origins, dating back roughly to the first centuries AD.

Its geographical position has allowed Massa to have a separate history in relation to other major cities in Tuscany. In fact, to be practically on the border between Liguria and Emilia Romagna , and shielded from the direct influence of Florence for the interposition at south of Lucca , has meant that Massa has escaped – in the Renaissance – the attraction exerted by the Seignory of the Medici Family.

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Tutti gli aggiornamenti dalla province di Modena: Vuoi farti conoscere nella tua zona o a livello nazionale? Entra a far parte del progetto Tienimi Informato. Inviaci un’email con i dati del tuo sito, blog o altro e ti faremo sapere presto. Per chiedere la rimozione di un link RSS dal nostro archivio inviarci un’email. Keep me Informed Modena is really simple and intuitive, everyone can use it without any trouble!

As you enter, Keep me Informed Modena will display the latest news on the outskirts of Modena province, ordered by date and time of publication. RSS defines a structure that can hold a collection of news, each of which will consist of various fields author name, title, text, summary, The main purpose of Keep me Informed Modena is to aggregate in one app news, events, programming of movies, weather forecasts and more of Modena province and beyond.

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Story of Balsamic Story of Balsamic Unlike any other vinegar, velvety, dark brown balsamic is both sweet and tart, a complex flavor profile. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is made from unfermented grape must instead of wine, and is aged in five different woods, the barrels of which are [ideally] at least half a century old.

As it ages, the vinegar evolves from a fluid vinegar to a syrup-like consistency: A year-old will resemble molasses in its color and thickness, and at that age has become a rare condiment, meted out with a medicine dropper to accent fine plates of food or great Parmigiano-Reggiano. There are five types of balsamic vinegars: Tradizionale and Condimento balsamics are made in Modena and Reggio-Emilia using artisan methods established in the Renaissance and dating back to the Middle Ages.

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Tourist Area Why visit Located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Apennines of Modena, Pievepelago meters is surrounded by forests of rare beauty and it is one of the most important tourist centers of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine ridge. It also offers visitors numerous sports facilities, dozens of hiking trails, as well as facilities equipped for both summer and winter tourism. Pievepelago is among the most popular tourist destinations in all seasons and it is perfect for those who want to combine sports in a natural environment with the tranquility and the relaxation of a holiday away from the crowd.

Anna Pelago 8 km and winding just around the town along a well lit path. There is even a 2. In the waters of the rivers running along the town you can go “catch and release” fishing. Also orienteering has found its ideal habitat in the Apennines of Modena and Pievepelago offers special “camps” with official maps. All around this are chestnut, beech and pine forests, crossed through by numerous paths.

Among the various things to do, visitors should not miss seeing Lago Santo lake at the foot of Mount Giovo, meters above sea level, is the largest of the Apennine lakes and a popular destination for taking wonderful walks. Surrounded by a forest of conifers, its glacial origins give it many of the characteristics of the typical mountain lake. In summer there is the possibility to go hiking, climbing, orienteering, rock climbing, mountain biking, and go on guided horseback tours.

To keep fit The Perticara rivers connecting S. Anna and Pievepelago is popular with Italian and foreign canoeists. For those who enjoy nature hikes, there are various trekking routes, both for beginners and experts, and particularly important is the network behind the ridge of the Tuscan-Emilian lakes.

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