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Sorry for the wait! I kind of like Xiumin. Either I start blushing or he starts rubbing his neck awkwardly. But onto another subject, we were at the airport right now, flying back to Korea. I was beyond tired because I had only 45 minutes of sleep. My head was pounding and only got worse when the giant crowd of fans were screaming and shoving around to get a glimpse of their boys.

EXO-CBX talks about their debut and living together in a dorm

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Anonymous said: Exo mtl dating a fan Answer: (Honestly, I don’t think any of the boys would openly prefer/be alright with dating a fan, but that’s just me. idk~) MOST: • Xiumin • Chanyeol • Lay •.

Seohyun and Taeyeon Body Part: However, he admitted that he is the one who gets angry easier from all the members Habit: Following the rhythm of a song with his hands He loves doing charity work. It revitalizes him and makes him feel happy Chanyeol confessed that he cries the most among EXO members He used to share a room with Baekhyun, but now he shares a room with Kai and D.

It was definitely an odd pet to have and people still make fun of him for having one Chanyeol really loves animals of all kinds. One time when he was young, his mother found a nest of mice outside their home.

What! Brad Pitt is smitten by a young Angelina Jolie-lookalike?

Exo reaction to train beside their gf in the gym and because she is exercising really hard she suddenly starts moaning? Admires you for being so strong and it takes him a while to realize that just a while ago all of sudden you started moaning. When he starts focusing on it more, it gets really awkward for this boy.

Jealous.- Xiumin one shot A/N: Maybe, one day, I’ll quit writing smut. Apparently, today is not that day. I was wearing my Sehun sweater and imagined you dating one of the boys but having an EXO.

Request Guidelines Exo Members Mods Scenarios for the fluffier fans of exo who don’t get many imagines and scenearios leave as many requests and we will get to each of them fully. Just read the guidlines before requesting and if your unsure just ask. May you please write an imagine with Xiumin, a scene where he’s giving you a tour of SM and you can hear the snickers and gazes from the staff so he comforts you?

When Xiumin announced you both were dating during a company dinner, most people looked shocked and others began to snicker. You left that dinner with your self-esteem low and your motivation to hide from everyone high. No one could believe that a girl like you was able to seduce the king of seduction. He actually thought it was cute. Usually, you could brush that off knowing what you meant to Xiumin, but today was different.

6 Things To Know About EXO-CBX

Few hours ago your grandparents called me to inform that you were about to debut soon, and that you were very busy at the moment, they also told me not to worry. But neither of them knew we rarely kept in touch. After receiving their call, I feel so relieved, so I went to visit them.

Xiumin Talks About Being The Oldest Member of EXO. by tokkistar12 March 16, , pm Views. On an episode of “Life Bar” Xiumin shared his hardships about being the oldest member of EXO. He stated Netizens Force Baekhyun to temporarily shutdown his IG account due to Jimin dating .

We have lots of similarities is what I like to believe and your free to disagree but it just seems like we both balance each other under a butterfly. Our goal is not to crush the oh so beautiful creature under us. We are afraid to pick it up too, its wings are sensitive after all. One touch and it dies. We are afraid, but hey we are here together right?

Support is key, we should cry on one another like Your an idiot you know? Jeez you and hobi are the most scarry puthy asses I’ve met but I love you guys like a virgin loves porn!

ترجمه || فيديوهات اكسو في تطبيق V – الثاني –

Luhan was about to get in the van but one of the managers figured out and pulled him away. It was swollen but he played it off later as having a sty in his eye. Luhan had overheard and angrily pulled Xiumin away. They also took pictures of him walking out of his room in a robe. Do you think doing these things is funny?

Return To Me ~ Married Life With Minseok/Xiumin. MTL – To have children. To kiss you at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Warm or Cold. To be easily angered/How they express anger. EXO As – Dating!Boyfriend!Husband!BulletPoint! – Dating!Hyuk. Reactions – Their partner pranking them. MTL -.

Many people are taking notice of the generosity of Xiumin’s fans, who continue to share and give to people who are in need. Advertisement According to Soompi , Xiumin’s fans donated million won or about , USD in the past couple of years to reach out to the less fortunate. Hence, Xiumin’s fan club is considered the most charitable fandom because of their continuous act of kindness.

Not only that they make donations in South Korea, but Xiumin’s fans extend their help to people leaving across the pond. One of their annual commitments is to help sick children pay for their medical debts. This act of kindness is regularly done on the EXO member’s birthday. A fan club called Xiumin Palace has been actively donating to the said charity every year since , with the intention to show their support and love to Xiumin by helping others, Allkpop cited.

Xiumin Palace also added they would like to set an example to other fandoms to do the same and reach out to the less fortunate and provide them with assistance. We plan to donate more,” a staff of the fan club said. Further reports claimed the fan club usually gives donation under the name of the EXO member. The generosity of Xiumin’s fans has been commended by many, not only BTS fans but also those who are supporting other artists.

A netizen wrote, “Such a nice thing to do.

EXO 90:2014

This is a bit longer than I usually write one shots. Please let me know what you thought of it and if you have any requests, I am more than happy to write them. With tears dripping down my face, I hug the three men in front of me. They hold me closely until we hear the intercom speak the words we do not want to hear.

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BTS Official Website 3. Tzuyu has been the hottest issue among any other kpop news, recently. Her flag scandal, she swung her national flag, Taiwanese, in the middle of the TV show and this was misunderstood as she expressed her own political view, so there have been massive scale of boycott risen in China. Hopefully, her controversy is calmed down soon. Hyeri — Girls Day Top star from Reply Her outstanding personal achievements have put her onto the top star now.

Her recent HIT drama was ended in January, and her next step is spotlighted. In the messages, numbers of proposals from sponsorship broker to introduce her one of his clients, big fan of Jisoo. The smart girl sued the broker.

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I’m sorry, I just wanted to greet you differently so I bacame greedy but I am not a weird person. I’ll think of a more fresh introduction! Are you curious about my news? These days I’m preparing hard for something.

Saturday night, for you, meant relaxing with your boyfriend or being with your best friend. Seeing as Xiumin was away from home attending some EXO business you decided to invite your best friend over for a catch up, even though you had seen each other two days ago.

Between fans, it has already been a famous superior brother and sister. Last April, you entered YTN as a rookie announcer, now it has been 2 months. How is the newsroom life? Park Yoora Announcer P: Among the companies that I have worked with, this has largest one. At first, my seniors thought it was interesting. When EXO came back and swept 8 music charts, you personally relayed the news. Please tell us your thoughts about it. I knew that there was such report.

But while I was doing the report, it was really funny. It was nice that I was able to relay the news with the friendly atmosphere. I think your parents must have been proud of you.

2018 FIFA World Cup

No photos or gifs used belong to us unless otherwise specified. Perfect by Alice ReaderxXiumin words Request: Can I request a T. Angst and a bit of fluff but happy ending?

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Golongan darahnya adalah B. Beberapa bakat lain, menurut profilnya, adalah Taek Kwon Do dan fending. Dia muncul di teaser 11, bersama Kai, dan dalam teaser 23 dengan semua anggota kecuali Chen, Chanyeol dan Baekhyun. Facts from the SINA talk show: Xiu Min is a troll. Ketika ditanya apakah ia akan menjadi penggemar salah satu dari sesama anggota dia menjawab dia akan menjadi penggemar Kris karena dia sangat gagah dan tinggi.

Nickanamenya adalah Bao-zi bun karena pipinya yang tembam. Semua member memilih Xiumin sebagai member yang paling lucu. Lay mengatakan kalau Xiumin terlihat lucu saat menggerak-gerakkan kepalanya ke kiri-kanan. Saat di tanya mengenai personal talent, Xiumin menjawab bakatnya adalah berteriak. Hobi Xiumin adalah bermain bola dengan Luhan, dan setelah bermain bola mereka akan pergi makan. Xiumin dipilih oleh Luhan sebagai member terkuat.

[ENG SUB] 160918 KBS Return of Superman – Chen & Xiumin Cut

Seeing as Xiumin was away from home attending some EXO business you decided to invite your best friend over for a catch up, even though you had seen each other two days ago. Being with your best friend always lead to the same thing…fancams of EXO concerts, mainly Kai, Lay, Suho and Xiumin in Playboy and Exodus, since…you know…abs and hip thrust are a weakness of both you and your best friend. One hour later and a six-pack of beer each you had ended up on a compilation of Kai sex faces during concerts.

You were laughing talking about random nonsense, when you heard the door slam making both of you scream out of shock. Somehow when Xiumin entered the first thing he saw was you two laughing hysterically on the ground making wheezing noises and talking what sounded like baby sounds to each other only to laugh even more. Xiumin looked amused at the two of you, thinking if it was possible that you two had found Lays weed stash.

Xiumin (also a member of subunit band Exo-CBX) Baekhyun (also a member of subunit band Exo-CBX) Tyler, The Creator responds to Jaden Smith’s claims that they are dating. Video. More videos.

Mandarin for “steamed bun”, refers to Xiumin’s cheeks. Pronounced as two syllables. SM trainee originally rumored to be a member of Exo during predebut era. Relevant due to stint as a member of S. Now doing musicals, although no one is sure if he’s still with SM or not. Suju-M member and super talented violinist, pianist, dancer, you name it. Also a soloist who likes to sing about kittens in a cage or something.

Flawless soloist who loves D. O and featured Chanyeol in one of his mvs. K flawless and beyonce but meme just calls him kwill or daesung ocassionally 0 oppar, the beginning of exo before the beginning of exo Im Siwan: A member that no one knows is a member of ZE: Sort of pretty and had a thing with Chanyeol that anons took and ran off with. Also shipped with D.

Fans find evidence of Red Velvet’s Yeri and EXO’s Xiumin close relationship