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Item hasn’t been used. Like New Item is like new with very slight signs of use. Natural tan leather has darkened slightly although no signs of soiling. Gently Used Item has obviously been used, but no signs of significant soiling, abrasions, stains, scratches, or tears. Leather is supple with minimal creasing. Natural tan leather has honey patina due to contact with air and human body oils although no signs of soiling. Well Used Item has been well-loved and it shows. Signs of wear, especially on bottom and corners although no tears on main areas. Light soiling of materials. Many fashionistas agree that many items in this category look their best and brandish these items with pride.

Louis Vuitton Bags, Handbags & Purses

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(Louis Vuitton’s Instagram page also posted some photos of the anticipated Spring collection.) The quick glimpses were mainly accessories, including sneakers, bags, jewelry and sunglasses.

Not only does it need to be big, but it also needs to be work-friendly and something I want to show off. So if you’re feeling like your bag Sat, 27 Jan Domestic sales of Gucci handbags to Chanel cosmetics, sluggish in China for years, rose at the fastest pace in over half a decade last year and are poised to consolidate the gains in Thu, 18 Jan In a first-look photo from EW, Olivia and Annalise head into a boardroom

Louis Vuitton’s Damier Cobalt Collection is elegant, timeless and fashionably masculine

With its leather loop handle, W Pochette can be used as a pouch to carry everyday essentials in style, or as a bag-in-bag inside the W or other larger tote. Inside, the pochette is lined with calf leather lining and features six credit card slots and a flat pocket. W Pochette currently comes in 2 versions:

Bentleys is an Knightsbridge antiques dealer specialising in vintage Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermès luggage, English leather accessories and travel goods.

According to several news reports, luxury fashion sales have seen a precipitous drop. Brands have been trying many options to maintain their relevance. The century-old luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, is no stranger to commissioning artists to create new designs. As a trailblazer in collaborations, the designs are often groundbreaking and wildly popular. Their latest collaboration is with Jeff Koons, an ego-maniacal, delusional, master marketer and self aggrandizing artist.

Yes, THAT Jeff Koons, the super-star artist of the decadent 80s, who creates giant sculptures based on pop culture objects made from stainless steel , life size porcelain sculptures of Michael Jackson along with his pet monkey , huge photos of his Italian porn star ex-wife copulating and countless other pieces better suited to be exhibited in a landfill. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Bet these new items will pop up on eBay shortly. So why did Vuitton choose Jeff Koons when they could have anointed a lesser known artist to bring a coat of freshness to a century old brand? For one, he has known the Arnault famille, owners of the brand and the LVMH conglomerate for some time. What better way to create a stir than collaborate with a provocateur who several years ago sold the most expensive work as a living artist at auction?

I will give Koons credit for his technical feat in designing this collection. It was a labor of love, two years in the making, in which he meticulously studied the colors of the original works, digitally printed in high definition and kept in storage at the Louvre.

Inside Louis Vuitton Solaire’s Launch Party-the Biggest of the Year

What is now an empire of luxury goods grew from a single Paris storefront, opened in , from which the visionary founder, Mr. Vuitton, outfitted an exclusive class of travellers with high-end luggage the likes of which had never been seen before. Visitors may also want to walk the few blocks to Brookfield Place to check out the accompanying pop-up shop—should the inspiration to splurge on leather goods and accessories arise.

An installment at the Grand Palais exhibition in Paris. Context is key when viewing the original items that laid the foundation for the fashion house; the brand was born at a time when a piece of luggage for travel by boat had entirely different requirements than for travel by train or automobile.

louis vuitton is one of the world’s leading fashion houses. founded in , the label’s LV monogram appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear.

He undertook this long journey by foot, ending up in Paris two years later. This work was based on manufacturing boxes and crates used to pack everyday objects and large wardrobes. He offered very light trunks in poplar wood and baggage more suitable for the new means of transport. Then, he began to attract the admiration of fashionable people.

His designs were ergonomic, made for strength, and lightness. His perfection of the flat trunk is now considered the beginning of modern luggage. In , the creation of the first vertical wardrobe trunk, with each part being thoughtfully designed, guaranteed the success of a company already specializing in travel. A major invention that allowed the same customer to open each piece of luggage with a single key.

How to Identify Authentic Louis Vuitton Date and Production Codes

Since the s, Louis Vuitton has used date codes and serial numbers to track its products. Little is published about how these combinations of numbers and letters are arranged, but there is method to the code madness. With a little perseverance, cracking the code becomes second nature.

Carry your essentials in luxurious style. Hit the road in style with a set of Louis Vuitton luggage. The Louis Vuitton travel collection is impressively large, with a piece to suit every need and a style to complement every personality and mood.

Download the printable luggage tag template If you’re planning to travel, don’t overlook the importance of placing properly completed luggage tags on all of your bags. Filled out with accurate information, tags can be a lifesaver for your belongings. Tagged luggage can be quickly identified if lost or stolen. With so many similar types of luggage, tags can also ensure you are grabbing the right one from the carousel.

Information to Include Whatever information you provide on your tags should make it easy for airline or transportation employees to contact you in case luggage is mishandled or lost. Some people feel that providing too much information is a mistake because -in theory- it can make it easier for burglars and identity thieves to commit crimes against you.

Make sure to include your name, preferably as it is written on your airline tickets or boarding passes.

Louis Vuitton Unpacks Their Weird and Wonderful History in NYC

Vuitton started his business as trunks’ manufacturer in Vuitton luggage bags and accessories soon became popular due to their high quality and elegance. Today this fashion company is an international brand for luxury products including leather purses, travel items and accessories, shoes, clothing, jewelry, watches and other. The company is one of the top most successful fashion brands today and the LVMH conglomerate is among the leading luxury retailers in the world.

LV purses The legendary Monogram Canvas design was created in by Vuitton’s son; thus he wanted to prevent counterfeiting of the brand’s products. Today market offers numerous LV replica bags, such as LV replica leopard bags, Louis Vuitton cherry blossom replica bag and other fake Louis Vuitton bags.

Louis Vuitton’s grandson, Gatson, began to collect travel items and old luggage dating back to the 16 th century. These pieces are now part of the collections at Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris.

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What Should I Put on Luggage Tags?

Louis Vuitton has proven itself to be the world’s most powerful luxury force, after taking out the top spot on Millward Brown Optimor’s annual luxury list. The standings consider revenue, profits, and overall brand value. Louis Vuitton has dominated the list The Danish artist has been relentlessly pursued by the French fashion house for years for using an image of a gaunt African child holding a Louis Vuitton Audra handbag in her artworks.

Plesner stopped using the image

The opposite of an impulse buy would be the couple who saw a very nice Goyard wardrobe trunk at our stand [Goyard is the oldest Parisian trunk maker still in business and long-time rival of Louis Vuitton].

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Could Briggs & Riley’s expandable carry-on suitcase solve the hand-luggage conundrum?

To many in the design community, the intriguing question was: How would Polo’s aristocratic appeal be translated into a fantasy with which Rodeo Drive shoppers would identify? Jerry Magnin, a silver-haired entrepreneur who personifies the preppy Polo look in chinos, horn-rimmed glasses and oxford shirt, has had the Los Angeles County Polo franchise since At that time his Polo menswear store opened one year after the launching of his adjacent Jerry Magnin store, which carried clothes by European designers.

Both stores closed this month; the latter will re-open at a not-yet-disclosed location.

The exhibit Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion just opened up at Milan museum La Triennale today, and on display are 30 keys looks dating back to that celebrate Marc Jacob’s role as creative.

Product Concept Louis Vuitton, has been a part of the fashion industry for approximately years, dating back to the 19th century. In the past, the fashion and luxury industry were made possible by the craftsmanship and motivation of the best skilled artists. All Louis Vuitton luggage and handbags are created by the hands of talented artisans. Each product is carefully crafted using the finest materials.

The company has expanded the depth of their products greatly by producing many additional handbag lines. Within each handbag line, there is an even larger product depth ranging from various sizes and styles. Every single type of bag has its own special name under the line category.

Mao, Confucius and Louis Vuitton

Of course, when you’re into material possessions as a status symbol, you’re not doing it right until you have a little pooch to carry around. Paris Hilton is arguably the founder of the chihuahua “accessory,” and she isn’t the only one to spoil her pets. If you really can’t live without Louis Vuitton accessorizing your entire life, there’s always this dog coat.

Still, a Louis Vuitton-monogrammed animal coat that will likely only get covered in mud. Does that say “class? The heiress and socialite is well-known for her love of all things luxury, like her pink Bentley.

CREDIT: Louis Vuitton There are 13 different zones on the shoe that you can play with including the sole, heel, tongue and laces and you can choose color and canvas print options for all 13 of them.

Louis Vuitton Travel Luggage Vuitton’s success in the luxury luggage market was due to his willingness to modify and custom-build luggage that was adaptable to new forms of transportation. For example, cabin trunks for ocean liners were designed to fit under daybeds so as to maximize use of space. Yet what the luggage contained was never a secondary concern, but of equal value in the definition of first-class travel.

To meet the needs of these elite travelers, Vuitton devised the wardrobe trunk with interior drawers and hanging space with the advice of the couturier Charles Frederick Worth. The Original Vuitton Monogram Print As the company prospered, its products were widely imitated, forcing Vuitton to change the canvas design from a striped to a checkerboard or Daumier design. His son Georges created the famous monogram canvas in The design was intended primarily to combat commercial piracy, although its orientalist, decorative design also reflected the fashion for all things Japanese at the end of the nineteenth century.

Beyond the initials that feature as a tribute to his father, Georges’s design bears three abstracted flowers, based upon a Japanese mon or family crest that, not unlike a coat of arms, was traditionally used to identify items made for and owned by a particular family. International stature was assured for the company by the opening of a London store in , a French store opposite the Grand Hotel in , and distribution in America through Wanamaker’s department store in Design awards at the Exposition International d’Industrie et des Arts Decoratives of secured the company’s reputation for grand luxe in the art deco style.

Expanding Product Line Later in the twentieth century, handbags, wallets, and other small leather goods became increasingly important parts of the company’s product line, as luxe travel with numerous trunks and suitcases became largely a thing of the past. In , the company hired the American fashion designer Marc Jacobs to design accessories and clothing. A commercial and critical success, the ready-to-wear collections have been central to the continued success of Louis Vuitton.

Limited edition pieces produced in collaboration with other creative artists have resulted in some of the wittiest and shrewdest reworkings of brand identity.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton